I'm a Web Developer in Boca Raton, Florida. I like to tweet, post tidbits to tumbleDLog, upload photos, track bookmarks, opine about building a better government web, connect with colleagues and talk shop. I also post code on Github and the occasional gist.

Portfolio of Work

With 15 years of front-end experience, I've traveled from HTML to XHTML and back again. I know the past, present and purpose of each and apply them appropriately to each project I work on.

I scrutinize the details of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to craft open, meaningful, scalable resources that perform.

National Broadband Map

Led the front-end development of stable, accessible, semantic HTML5 throughout the site with CSS3 and jQuery to exceed Section 508 utilizing WAI-ARIA for rich interaction and high performance. The Rank pages serve as great examples of my work: complex, dynamic, accessible forms and results.

My personal site where I play around with markup and semantics. Now features responsive, device-agnostic, mobile-first HTML5 and CSS3. I prioritized accessibility by using semantic markup and styles striving for WCAG 2 AAA compliance.

Coming soon: I'm currently working on a new version of this site featuring more responsiveness and and updated look.

I work on PubMed Health and PubMed at NCBI at NIH. I contributed two jQuery plugins in use on PubMed and created a blog sub-site (XHTML and RSS) for PubMed Health from a single XML file. Also, I applied pretty-printing and syntax highlighting for debug output on all NCBI sites.

Arlington Church of the Brethren

Previously, the church had a static site with a cumbersome, manual update process. They knew there was a better way to use the web to engage with their congregation and the community, but not a path to get there. I met with the leadership committee to discuss their needs and outlined a web strategy consisting of WordPress. I setup a new hosting provider, setup WordPress and customized a pro theme to reduce costs and time to market. Now the staff can easily manage, backup and update the site whenever they want, resulting in a site with more content and relevance.

Real Opportunity Investing

I quickly translated design and content files into a site using HTML5, CSS and jQuery.

Mariama Homes

A single-page, mobile-first, responsive site for my wife, a Realtor serving the Washington, D.C., area.

National Broadband Plan

Key developer of front-end functionality throughout the site. I was the sole front-end developer of the Consumer Broadband Test (involving extensive jQuery/JavaScript development and Section 508 compliance).

La Redoute

UI Team Lead for the leading e-commerce site in France. I worked on numerous projects involving complex XHTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, JSON, AJAX). High performance at a large scale.

Aberdeen Plastics

I designed and coded this site to showcase the products of a small business in Brooklyn, NY. AJAX provides smooth navigation between products and the Back button is supported. I guided them through process of acquiring a domain name and hosting.


Part of a small team that built the site in four days from request to production.

RKF Engineering

I created the previous site for a small company. Static content allowed me to use XHTML 1.1 served the correct way — as XML using the MIME type "application/xhtml+xml". Please note: I do not recommend this practice as the risk of failure outweighs the benefits.

U.S. Embassy Niamey, Niger

I redesigned the old website for the Embassy using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. The site has since switched over to a centralized template system used by the State Department, which is good because it is consistent for users.