Portfolio of Work

National Broadband Map

Led the front-end development of stable, accessible, semantic HTML5 throughout the site with CSS3 and jQuery to exceed Section 508 utilizing WAI-ARIA for rich interaction and high performance. The Rank pages serve as great examples of my work: complex, dynamic, accessible forms and results.

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My personal site where I play around with markup and semantics. Now features responsive, device-agnostic, mobile-first HTML5 and CSS3. I prioritized accessibility by using semantic markup and styles striving for WCAG 2 AAA compliance.

PubMed Health

I contributed two jQuery plugins in use on PubMed at NCBI, NIH and implemented the consumer-oriented PubMed Health Blog by generating XHTML and RSS from a single XML file via XSLT. Also, I applied pretty-printing and syntax highlighting for debug output on all NCBI sites.

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